(Re)Becca (urania) wrote,

As if the kitchen weren't enough of a mess already

...this afternoon, I made chocolate-filled quail eggs based on the method described here. They're incredibly cute, and easy - although certainly not quick. I added an extra step of drying/sterilizing the eggs in a hot oven, which sped the process up (no overnight drying) and also reassured my inner paranoid side (several of the quail eggs were cracked/moldy, and while I didn't use those ones, I wasn't confident that a cool-water rinse would leave the rest in a state where I wanted to eat chocolate molded into them).

Holy run-on sentences, Batman.

Also starting plans for a lunch for University. First attempt at a vegan chickpea/carrot curried stew went rather well - beef stew I can throw together with almost no thought, but a substantial stew without meat takes a little more care (at least for me). Also used my lovely, lovely KitchenAid to make up 36 breadrolls which I shall stick in the freezer and thaw in a couple weeks* to see how they handle it. Spent part of Thursday evening trundling around the wholesale club with a pad & paper writing down prices. There is a spreadsheet on the horizon.

In unrelated news, we found out how Jezebel was staying so well-fed when she still straying around the neighborhood: one of the neighbors (across the street & two houses down) was feeding her. "I wanted to keep her, but my wife wouldn't let me." She apparently made friends all over the neighborhood - the church next door also knew her well. Megan's an introvert, I'm an introvert, Spot is definitely an introvert, but I guess the cat is an extrovert. Go figure.

*coincidentally, probably, just after Pesach - yeah, I know the deep-freeze is technically in the house, shush
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