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urania's Journal

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26 February
Former physical anthropology student, now graduated (as of December 2004).

Got a job (yay!). Currently working as an executive assistant/billing supervisor for a small property-management company. My boss called me a bulldog once, and he meant it as a compliment. Go figure. Nope: after several years I moved to work at The Bank, where I am the "project analyst." Yes, it's a vague title; I think that was on purpose. Essentially, I do things that are too computer-oriented for half of the world, and not computer-oriented enough for the other (IT) half. As a side effect, I now actually have a better understanding of Excel and Access than I do of Word.

SCAdian (Barony of Tir-y-Don, Kingdom of Atlantia). Aka Lady Rebekah of Samandar. Maybe someday I will get around to registering the name. SCAdian interests include but are not limited to the realm of A&S.
I am experimenting with tracking my A&S thoughts, ideas and progress over at imitateslife.

Generally fascinated by the world around me. Often sarcastic or sharp, although generally good-mannered when in public. I try to give others the benefit of the doubt, although sometimes I can't quite manage it.

One explanatory note RE the username: Urania is the muse of astronomy.

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