(Re)Becca (urania) wrote,

More on Game Night

As promised, slightly (very slightly) more specific information...

Where: still my folks' house (DC area). Again, if you don't know where, just ask.

When: December 26. Here's the new info: Starting around 4 p.m., running until we all get tired (or until I get tired - and I'm a geezer before my time, so probably not much later than 9ish). Anyone who shows up markedly before 4 will be thanked for volunteering to help move a drum set up from the basement. We will be thrilllllled to see you. Don't say you weren't warned!

What: food, board or card games, etc, etc. Chitchat.

Who: you, especially if you know where my parents' house is. :-) If you don't, and you email me and ask, and I don't know who you are, then we'll talk.

What to bring: yourself. Nothing else is necessary. If you want to bring something, that's lovely, but please make sure it contains no peanuts in any form whatsoever. (Especially if it's a board game.)

That's all, folks.
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