(Re)Becca (urania) wrote,

More cat

Yesterday was Jezebel's spay appointment. She seems to be recovering well, but last night she was incredibly loopy from the pain meds she got before leaving the vet's. Picture a cat, lying on her side on a stair, head turned upside down, eyes open but not tracking anything, legs extended straight out into thin air.... an incredible combination of pathos and humor. Turns out she was pregnant, too, which doesn't surprise me at all (the vet had said it was a slight chance but for some reason I just kind of felt like she was).

...in other, mostly irrelevant news: last week I tried (and almost succeeded) to make purple sweet-potato bread. That's bread made with purple sweet potato, not purple bread made with sweet potato, although I was really hoping for the latter result. Instead, it was just kind of a weird, subtle tan/mauve. Very difficult to describe; not really purple at all. Tasted good, though.
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