(Re)Becca (urania) wrote,

Spring? What spring?

This weekend was gorgeous. Now, all of a sudden, it's summer - highs near 90. Wow. What happened to spring, anyhow? I could use a few more days like Saturday or Sunday!

On Sunday we took Jezebel for a walk around Fort Monroe, partway around the battlements of the old fort. She handled the leash and the walk pretty well, although she got a little freaked out at the loud bouncy toddler we briefly encountered - but I can't really blame her for that. She handled the family with the quiet teenager quite well, and let him pet her for a few minutes. I've actually never been on Ft. Monroe before (despite working a stone's throw away), and it's really interesting. Someday soon I'll have to go back just with Megan and walk the whole way around the old fort - Jezebel got too warm and had to quit halfway (that's what wearing a dark gray fur coat will do to you).

We got back and expanded the little flowerbed out front, moved the "leftover" daffodils from their temporary planters into the ground, mulched it all, etc. (By "we," I mean "mostly Megan," if you're going to get technical.) Also finished a few other projects which I can't remember just now - but it was a fairly productive weekend. Yup yup.

....Also in the midst of finalizing plans to go see my Gram in May, which I'm looking forward to. We're flying out of BWI, which isn't as convenient as Norfolk or Patrick Henry, but which was a lot cheaper. Astonishingly so. And the flight is directly into Grand Rapids, which makes things much smoother too. Michigan in May - it should be warm enough down here that the cool is nice, but early enough that Michigan's gigantic deer flies aren't quite out in force yet! (I hope. You can almost get carried off by one of those bloodsuckers.)

In other news, I think Friday's XKCD was pretty wonderful. Just in case you didn't see it.
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